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At some point, your Mercedes is going to need some maintenance. Mercedes is the world leader in PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE. This is the process that keeps you from breaking down in the first place! Breaking down is always inconvenient. The BIG IDEA is to service and inspect the car BEFORE it becomes a problem. Which can PREVENT a lot of bad things from ever happening.

Maintenance is a GOOD thing!

Sometimes a service indicator light will come on and let you know it’s time or you may just know it’s been a long time. In any case we can always help you to determine what service is due, what service is needed, and what service is not needed. We work with factory information, literature and all the CORRECT tools to inspect, test and service your Mercedes PROPERLY.

Maintenance IS a good thing!

But not if you do the wrong thing or overdo the maintenance. That is just wasteful! So we always check your service records, inspect the condition of the vehicle and check for Service Bulletins and recalls before we recommend any service. We will also help you with any warranty or recall issues.