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Mercedes-Benz EIS Repair in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles, CA

Your Mercedes’ EIS, or Electronic Ignition Switch, is in place to prevent vehicle theft. An issue that some Mercedes owners may face is a problem with the key turning in the ignition. This particular problem can be caused by a damaged key, a failing EIS, a bad steering lock module, or a bad shifter module. Here at Secret MBZ Garage, we invite you into our shop when you need Mercedes EIS repair service in Santa Monica or West Los Angeles, CA. A faulty EIS can affect any model of Mercedes, including the S-Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLK-Class, ML-Class, SL-Class, and more.

How A Mercedes EIS System Works

The job of the EIS is to run a series of tests when you turn your key in the ignition, which help ensure that it is the correct key. The EIS works with other components, including the ESL and ECU, to make sure that your car only starts if the key is recognized. If it isn’t the right key, your car’s “turn and start” function will be disabled. This is a great way to ward off thieves, however, a failing EIS can be an annoyance for you as a driver if you’re having trouble starting your car.

4 Common Symptoms Indicate a Failing or Faulty EIS:

  1. Vehicle won’t start
  2. Key won’t turn in the ignition
  3. Vehicle won’t start when it is cold
  4. Key only intermittently works

Schedule A Mercedes EIS Repair

If your Mercedes EIS is faulty, then more than likely you won’t be able to start your vehicle at all. There are a few reasons why this switch can fail including a low battery, power surge, or performing a car jump with the key in the ignition. If you’re experiencing this issue, we invite you into Secret MBZ Garage for testing. We can determine if the problem is with the EIS, key, ESL, or ECU. Once we pinpoint the issue, we provide you with a free complete estimate for your approval before beginning any work.

When you need Mercedes EIS replacement in Santa Monica or West Los Angeles, CA, look no further than the Mercedes dealership alternative here at Secret MBZ Garage. Call us with any questions or schedule your visit online today!