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Mercedes-Benz Oil Change in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles, CA

At Secret MBZ Garage in Santa Monica, CA, we are the trusted dealership alternative for your vehicle’s oil services in the area. Here at our shop, we utilize factory worksheets when performing your car’s A, B, and C services to ensure that your vehicle is always well maintained. Your oil services are typically part of your other service intervals which are all important to follow as part of your maintenance plan.

Importance of Regular Oil Changes for Your Mercedes-Benz

Even with your car’s Service A and Service B, you may need interim oil changes. Being proactive and ensuring that your vehicle has fresh oil is a great way to protect the integrity of your engine. Overall, your Mercedes oil service is an essential item of your vehicle’s annual maintenance trip. And when you choose Secret MBZ Garage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your oil services will always be done using top-quality products and tools.

How Often Do You Change The Oil In A Mercedes?

Your Mercedes, depending on the model and year, will typically require an oil service during its Service A, Service B, and Service C maintenance intervals. These services are needed annually, but can also depend upon your driving habits and vehicle health. We invite you into our shop for more information on when you choose to bring your vehicle in for service.

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Additional Services Included With Our Mercedes Oil Changes

In addition to our oil change service, we also provide a safety inspection which includes a visual check of your brakes, tires, and steering. Additionally, we also check your lights, fluid levels, tire pressure, and perform a computer test to check for electrical faults. We go above and beyond to ensure that your Mercedes is operating optimally, and are sure to inform you if we find anything amiss so that you can get ahead of major issues. Being proactive protects the integrity of your vehicle and helps save you money over time. 

Trustworthy Mercedes Mechanics

When you choose Secret MBZ Garage, your vehicle’s oil change is performed by technicians who also perform the complex diagnostics and repairs your vehicle might need. They know your vehicle inside and out, that way your inspection and service are always completed carefully and with precision.

When you need a Mercedes-Benz oil change in Santa Monica or West Los Angeles, CA, bring your car to the dealership alternative here at Secret MBZ Garage. Call us with any questions you may have or schedule your service online today!