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5 Maintenance Items to Take Care of This Spring

With every new season comes a new list of must-have maintenance items. The team at Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service is always looking out for you and your Benz. We've created this checklist for everything you may need for your car this spring.

  1. Oil and Filter Change - It's always a good idea to change your oil, no matter the season. This will ensure your engine runs healthy all spring.
  2. Battery Test - Testing your battery will help you determine whether you need it replaced soon or not.
  3. Check Tire Pressure & Tread - Tire health and safety are vital, which is why you should regularly check your tires for proper inflation and even wear. The warmer weather may cause your tires to expand, so please adjust their psi if necessary.
  4. Replace Windshield Wiper Blades - These should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year. If it has been a while since you changed them out, please do so.
  5. Clean and Test your Vehicle Lights - Even though daylight savings may have just started, you're still bound to do some night driving. 
  6. Examine Your Brakes - Effective brakes are a must if you care about your safety on the road. They may have worn down over the winter, so see how much wear you have left on the brake pads or shoes.
  7. Refill Other Fluids - Besides motor oil, make sure you top off on windshield washer solvent, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more.
  8. Freshen Up on Filters (including Cabin Filter and Engine Air Filter) - Pollen becomes a significant problem for many people this time of year, and it can escape into the engine compartment and the passenger side. If you want you and your engine to breathe clean this season, change these filters out.
  9. Test Your A/C System - Warmer weather means you may have to crank up the air conditioning some days. Make sure your A/C system has enough freon to last you through the next several months.
  10. Clean and Vacuum Car - Springtime = spring cleaning.

If you need help with your auto maintenance this spring, please bring your Mercedes-Benz to our Los Angeles auto repair shop.