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Is It Safe to Drive A Shaky Vehicle?

Driving Shaky Vehicle

An excessively shaking or vibrating vehicle can be annoying and nerve-wracking to operate on the road. You may discover that it only ever occurs when your Mercedes go over certain speeds or constantly happening all the time. If you're feeling uneasy about your vehicle, don't just simply ignore it! Any abnormal symptoms indicate a problem and should be inspected by a professional. So, if you are undergoing a vibrating or shaking sensation while riding around town, is it okay to keep driving?

Lamentably, it is tough to give you a clear yes or no answer without understanding the actual cause of the issue. It is better if you had your Benz inspected here at Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service at the first sign of trouble. Often, some causes may not be as vital to your safety as others. Let's look at some of the potential reasons for a shaky car and how serious these issues are. 

  • Lack of fuel - If you're too low on gas or have an issue with your fuel injectors or fuel system, you need to have it checked out ASAP.
  • Old spark plugs
  • Worn out driveshaft or CV joints
  • Warped brake rotors - This is usually the case if the shakiness is felt while pressing on the brakes.
  • Alignment problem
  • Overworn wheel bearings
  • Aging ball joints
  • Tire impairments - Tires out of balance, have uneven wear, or need to be replaced entirely will usually make your vehicle shake.

These are just some of the numerous reasons why you might find yourself with a vibrating car. As you can see, there are countless potential causes, all ranging in severity. The best and most responsible thing to do in this case is to bring your vehicle into Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service for a proper inspection! Give us a call or visit today.