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Maintenance Tips for Your Mercedes-Benz


At Jeff's Mercedes Service, we have dealer-level technicians that are experienced in servicing Benz. As a specialty shop that focuses on Mercedes-Benz repairs and services, we would like to give you this beneficial maintenance advice to keep your vehicle running for a lifetime.

Go In for Regular Oil Changes

One of the most critical things you need to do to keep your vehicle healthy is to have routine oil changes. Do not ever skip this step. Keeping up with your motor oil will keep your engine well lubricated, optimize performance, and increase your MPG.

Top Off Your Fluids

Not only is there engine oil that you need to top off, but there are five other essential fluids to every car: transmission, coolant, brake, and power steering fluids. It would help if you didn't wait until there is a problem with your vehicle to check your fluid levels. Motivate yourself to get into the habit of checking your fluid levels every few months, if not every month. The essential fluids to check are If you have trouble trying to find your fluids, take your Mercedes to Jeff's Mercedes Service for assistance.

Inspect Your Tires Frequently

Every now and then, you should stop and examine your tires. Some things to look for are any signs of uneven tread wear and punctures, and tire pressure. Once your car gets to a certain age, your tires will also need replacement. Last but not least, your tires should be rotated, balanced, and aligned for even wear on all four wheels. 

Replace Your Air Filters

Who doesn't love breathing in fresh and clean air whenever they step into their car? If you want to keep your air smelling nice, remember to get your air filters replaced. Having this done will increase your overall gas efficiency and allow your engine to run smoothly. A dirty cabin filter will limit the flow of air from reaching your engine, which can cause it to overheat.

Mercedes Benz's are extraordinary vehicles, and as a responsible owner of one, you should exercise these tips. You are only doing good by taking your car in for regular maintenance. When you bring your Mercedes to us, we will take care of it as if it were our own. We want your vehicle to be as reliable and safe as it can be. Give us a call or come by our shop today!