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Mercedes Benz Automatic Transmission Maintenance

Mercedes Transmission System

Never underestimate the importance of an automatic transmission. The servicing on these is extremely important because replacing one is extremely expensive. It’s not a question of hundreds of dollars, but thousands of dollars of repair work if the transmission breaks down. The owner of a Mercedes Benz has paid quite a bit of money to own that vehicle marvel he or she is driving. The durability of a Mercedes is well known but even this car can break down if proper attention to maintenance of the Mercedes is not paid. Mercedes, like other major auto mobile manufacturers have advertised in the past about the transmission being sealed for life without any need for fluid changes. That is something that is rarely heard anymore. Mercedes understands that transmission fluids are going to have to be changed.

Benefits of Mercedes maintenance manual:

The Mercedes maintenance manual will note when the transmission fluid has to be changed on given models. Some of these will require work done every 30,000 miles or three years, while others are stipulated to be done after 75,000 miles or five years have gone by. Mercedes helps an owner remember by having an indicator on the control panel of the car. This can be a single wrench icon that illuminates. While it doesn’t always mean that the transmission has to be checked, the reminders are extremely important. The schedule will determine what’s needed and if it’s the transmission it has to be done as soon as possible.

Mercedes Automatic Transmission Maintenance

Problems due to malfunction in transmission:

This urgency is due to the seriousness of the problems that may develop. It can happen that Mercedes automatic transmission that is malfunctioning can suddenly shift from one gear to another without warning. There’s also a chance that the Mercedes will simply not shift into gear, but freeze on the road. Some of the problems experienced may have nothing to do with transmission fluid in the Mercedes. The transmissions electrical connector could possibly be leaking into the wiring harness the car. That can do serious damage to the transmission control module, and could even result in having the harness and control module completely replaced. Trouble with the transmission valves may also be causing leaks. Other difficulties can include problems with the conductor plate and the shifter module; the latter difficulties can have a negative influence on the shifting ability of the transmission.

D-I-Y / Automotive repair center, Which is better?

Mercedes Lever

Difficulties with the transition can put the owner of Mercedes in a bit of a quandary. The repair may be extremely expensive and the owner might want to try a do-it-yourself maintenance job. What has to be understood is that problems in the transmission might not always be mechanical; the computer component that handles the transmission may be experiencing some problems. This is when an owner of a Mercedes has to weigh the consequences of the decision being made. There is no question that taking the vehicle into a professional automotive repair center is going to cost a fair amount of money. At the same time, an owner’s mistakes due to a lack of understanding the transmission can make a do-it-yourself attempt very risky. If it looks as if the situation is more than just a change of transmission fluid, it may be a better idea to take the Mercedes into the shop. One major benefit to this is that a Mercedes automotive repair center as the equipment and expertise to do a thorough job. It also may be a question of the warranty. If an owner has a warranty on the Mercedes he or she owns, it is a smart idea to check to see what it will not cover. There’s a better chance of warranty coverage if repair work is done at an approved Mercedes repair center.

Some of the problems with a Mercedes transmission may not be due to the negligence of the owner. It is possible circumstances suddenly reared its ugly head, and accidents are going to happen. Nevertheless, no one should take the face value a lifetime guarantee on the transmission fluid. If the maintenance indicator on the control panel comes on and there is indication that the transmission fluid needs changed, it can’t be ignored. Mercedes is an amazing vehicle, but it does have to be properly serviced. There are very serious consequences, including financial costs, that will be incurred by refusing to take any warning signs seriously.

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