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New Year's Eve Safety Tips

NYE Toast

If you plan on going out for New Year's Eve this year, we highly recommend that you plan ahead of time. We want to make sure you can welcome 2022 with health and safety in mind. Here are some of our friendly reminders for you this New Year's Eve!

Tip #1: Plan your ride in advance

So many people will be out and about for this particular holiday, and many of them will be intoxicated. If you plan on drinking, please have a safe ride lined up before you start popping the champagne. You should know your options in advance and decide between public transportation, Uber/Lyft, or having one of your sober friends DD.

Tip #2: Don't leave your car anywhere suspicious overnight

Car thefts are on the hunt on New Year's. If you have to leave your car somewhere overnight, please double-check that you've locked it before calling it a night. 

Tip #3: Stay away from the use of fireworks or firearms

Often guns and fireworks are sometimes used during the countdown at New Year's Eve celebrations. However, it's unsafe, and many people will not be pleased with the noise disturbances. Instead, we recommend confetti or sparklers if you want to have fun with special effects at your event.

Tip #4: Know how to navigate a crowd 

Regardless of your age, you should grab a friend and travel in a group when going out. You must pay extra attention to your surroundings, never go anywhere with strangers, and never leave your drink unattended. You never know what could happen.

The team at Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year's. If you need reliable and high-quality Mercedes-Benz services in Los Angeles, CA, look no further than Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service.