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Signs Your Mercedes Brakes Are Worn Out

Brake Pads
Vehicle service and maintenance are an integral part of car ownership. However, it's not always easy to detect when there's a problem. If the check engine light comes on, it's hard to tell if the problem is severe, such as an oil leak, or simple like a loose gas cap. If your Mercedes-Benz is having brake problems, it may be challenging to determine whether they need to be replaced or not. Our Mercedes Benz experts are offering three critical signs that it's time for a brake service. 

Low Brake Fluid

Low brake fluid can be a huge problem if your car is relatively new. In this case, there may be a brake leak, and your vehicle should be inspected by a professional. One easy way to determine whether your Mercedes is suffering from low brake fluid is to pop the hood. Check the brake master cylinder; if you aren't sure where this is located, check your vehicle's owner's manual. If the fluid is near the minimum level, it will need to be topped off. However, this can also have indicated the brakes may be worn down. The more worn they are, the more fluid they'll use. 

Screeching Noises

As you drive, over time, the brakes will wear down. Old brake pads can wear down to the braking assembly's metal and scrape the brake rotor's metal. This metal-on-metal contact will cause a screeching sound when you press on the brakes. This irritating noise is built into the design of your Mercedes by the manufacturers. The sound is intended to warn you that the brake pads need to be replaced. 


If the brake pedal vibrates when you press on it, you should immediately reach out to an expert. Vibrating occurs when the resin that holds the brake pads together overheats and smears across the rotor. A vibrating brake pedal should always be considered a priority and indicates maintenance is severely needed. 

Mercedes-Benz Brake Maintenance in Los Angeles, CA 

If you notice any of the above symptoms, Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service is here to help. We have been Mercedes-Benz experts serving the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Your brakes are an essential safety component of your vehicle. Regular maintenance can extend their lifespan. Our team is currently offering up to $50 off of brake repairs for new customers. Click here to schedule an appointment.  

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