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Summer Road Trip Tips - Jeff’s Mercedes Auto Service

Now that summer is around the corner, many of you are finalizing your vacation plans. If you are planning to take your Mercedes on the road this summer, it is important that you proceed with safety and care.


Before setting out on your summer adventures, it is essential to make sure your car is running properly. The team at Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service has some useful tips to make your trip stress-free. Please make sure you test the following before embarking on your getaway.

  • Cooling System – It can get quite hot in the summer, so it's especially important that your car doesn't overheat after extensive driving. Sometimes, we may recommend a coolant flush beforehand to ensure your engine gets enough coolant.
  • Battery – A dead battery often catches drivers off guard. Your battery is used not just to start your car but to run your A/C, radio, power windows, electronic chargers, and more. A battery test can give you peace of mind that your battery can keep you charged throughout your journey.
  • Tires – Long or short trip, it's critical to monitor tire pressure to make sure they're properly inflated. After all, your tires are the only components that touch the ground. They should be in tip-top shape for optimal handling, efficiency, and performance.
  • Suspension -– You're probably going to be loading your car full of passengers, suitcases, and more throughout the summer. The additional weight can strain components, including the suspension's springs, shocks, and struts. A technician at our shop can inspect these components to ensure they can support your vehicle's stability and handling.
  • Oil and filter – If it's been a while since your last oil change service, it's safe to say that you should do it before a big and long trip. It'll ensure your engine components are properly lubricated. We will replace the filter too.

Your vehicle should be your safe and reliable space as you cruise outside of Los Angeles. Please take our pre-trip inspection into consideration when you choose to take your Mercedes out and about this summer. For all your auto maintenance and repair needs, please bring your car to the experts at Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service.