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Understanding Mercedes-Benz’s Dashboard Warning Lights

Whether you drive an A-class, B-class, C-class, S-class, AMG, etc, all cars have universal warning lights. When you catch a warning light on your Mercedes-Benz, it can be daunting and stressful to deal with. You might wonder, “Is it safe to drive?”,”What does it all mean?”, etc. We’re here to provide you with the ultimate dashboard warning light guide for Mercedes-Benz.


First things first, you can answer the question, “is it safe to continue driving”, by looking at the color of the warning light:

  • Yellow/Orange: When your light is this color, it means something is not working correctly. You can carry on driving with caution. Make sure you have your vehicle inspected ASAP.
  • Red: Whereas, red means a severe and potentially very dangerous issue. If your warning light is red, it is best for you to pull over and stop driving as soon as possible.

Next, you will want to understand what the symbol of the warning light means. Some dashboard warning lights are easier to understand and diagnose than others. Here is a brief description of what these popular lights all mean:

  • Check Engine Light - This symbol displays an engine block and indicates an engine-related component is not working properly and causing issues such as lack of power or stuttering.
  • Power Steering Light - This symbol shows a steering wheel followed by an “!”. Whether you have a hydraulic or electronic power steering system, please have your components inspected by a professional soon. 
  • Brake Warning Light/ABS - Mercedes-Benz can have multiple warning lights for brakes. If you notice the letters “ABS” in the middle of a circle-like figure, it is most likely related to the anti-lock braking system. Whereas an exclamation point in a circle-like figure can indicate a problem with your primary braking system.
  • TPMS Light - If you notice a symbol that looks like a flat tire with an exclamation mark inside, it is the TPMS light. Many Mercedes-Benz vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems that will let you know when the air pressure falls in one more of your vehicle’s tires.
  • Engine Oil Light - The oil warning light comes on when either the oil temperature is too hot or when the oil levels or pressure is considerably low. It looks like a traditional oil can with a droplet dripping out of it. Improper engine lubrication can cause extensive engine damage, so please get your car to a trusted auto repair shop ASAP.
  • Battery Charge Light - The battery symbol is easy to read as it looks like a battery with positive and negative ends. This signal comes on when your battery is not properly charging. Therefore, it can be attributed to a faulty alternator, damaged battery, poor connection, or incorrect wiring.
  • Coolant Temperature Light - The coolant temperature symbol looks like a thermometer dipped in liquid. Depending on the color of the warning light, it means your coolant is running too cold or too hot. You should be careful of this light as it can cause engine damage as well. 

If you need help diagnosing and/or repairing any of the problems mentioned above, please bring your Mercedes-Benz to the experts at Jeff’s Mercedes Auto Service today.