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What Happens If I Miss a Mercedes Service?

One word, never skipped a vehicle service! Every vehicle service counts in every vehicle service means that you run less of a risk running into problems with your vehicle. Let's look into why not missing vehicle services is significant.

Higher risk of problems

When you miss a vehicle service you missed the chance to find out if there's any potential issues with the vehicle. They said if your vehicle does have any problems these could worsen and lead you in to accidents later on. Regular vehicle servicing helps you and your mechanic keep up to date with your vehicles current state.

Higher fuel consumption

In case you didn't know a problematic vehicle consumes way more fuel than a well-functioning vehicle. So missing vehicle services and not finding out problems such as oil leaks etc can lead to a vehicle consuming fuel at a much higher rate. This can be avoided through regular vehicle servicing.

Worn out vehicle

The less you service your vehicle the less you know about it. Small problems when undetected become larger problems that are tougher to fix. This missing a vehicle service could mean you missing out on finding out and any problems that your vehicle might be developing. This can later lead to a vehicle that is unable to be driven.

More Vehicle Emissions

I'm pretty certain you've noticed how old and under-maintained vehicles emit more gases into the atmosphere compared to newer more maintained, more taken care of vehicles. This is so due to the increased wear and tear that happens within the car's engine. These emissions are quite harmful and dangerous to the environment. If you regularly service your car you stand a better chance of ensuring that your car functions efficiently and emits way less gas into the atmosphere.
Overall Vehicle services are an advantage for you and your vehicle and they can save you lots of money in future. They also serve the purpose of link than the new vehicles life span. So it is very important that you keep up-to-date with your vehicles servicings.
If you need vehicle maintenance, we invite you to bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service today!