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What is an Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen Sensor

Different sensors control the performance and engine performance in different automobile engines. The sensors alert the car owner in any case of malfunctions in the car, making them essential components in the vehicle. The oxygen sensor is explicitly among the essential automobile sensors. The oxygen sensor has been a mandatory car component in car models, and it has become a regulation for all car manufacturers.

An oxygen sensor is present in the automobile's exhaust system, and it resembles a spark plug. It monitors the presence of unburnt oxygen in the exhaust when the exhaust leaves the engine. It enables the measuring of the fuel mixture. It alerts the computer in cases of too much or too little oxygen. The correct ratio of fuel to air allows the engine to make appropriate changes to ensure the car runs smoothly.

There are two types of oxygen sensors: binary exhaust gas and universal exhaust gas used in different vehicles. A car can have either one or multiple oxygen sensors depending on several factors, including the make, models, and engine type. Due to exposure to extreme temperature conditions, oxygen sensors do not last long and require constant replacements to endure the car keeps running optimally.

We have outlined different signs that can indicate the need for oxygen sensor replacements. Watch out for the warning signs of a faulty oxygen sensor:

  • Bad gas mileage and performance
  • Check engine light turns on
  • The engine light goes off
  • There is stalling, rough idling, and poor performance

Different car manuals provide the recommended intervals for replacing the oxygen sensor. However, if there are some signs indicating a faulty oxygen sensor, do not hesitate to check it to ensure safety when driving.

Our ASE-certified mechanics will provide professional diagnostic tests to the oxygen sensors. We provide top-notch oxygen sensors and replacements, guaranteeing you value for the money spent. Drive to our auto repair shop today and let our car experts solve all your oxygen sensor troubles.