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The dealer is not your friend. Look past the cookies and the café latte. The primary purpose of the dealer is to sell cars. It goes against their interests for you to keep your car long enough to recover your depreciation, sales tax and other new car costs.

An independent study found that the dealer is the most expensive-yet least satisfying place to have your car serviced and repaired. It is nationally about 34% more expensive and 18% less satisfying than independent service shops. And that is after they have gamed the survey process by handing out prompts and giving them verbally as well- suggesting that anything less than 100% satisfied would jeopardize their jobs.

The new car warranty is not a great deal. Look how much it costs versus the cost of repairs and you will see it is not even close- repairs are cheaper. When you replace your car to get a new warranty, you are paying way more than the cost of simply maintaining your old car. It is just hidden in the price of the car. Also they imply you have to go back to the dealer for service. Not true: Your Warranty Stays in Effect! Click Here!

Even extended warranties are not always a great deal. Many of the repairs needed are not covered. Some have exclusionary language that allows them to deny many repairs. Most don't cover wear and tear or regular maintenance. They may require you to use inferior quality or even used parts. It is hard to justify $3000 or more for coverage like that.

Your Mercedes-Benz is designed to last a long time. If you bought a new one or even a good used one, you may drive the car long enough to bring your average overall car expense way down. We can help you keep it on the road, safe and reliable for many years. We've helped thousands of people maximize their automotive satisfaction. Our latest results show 98% of our customers are very satisfied, and would return and recommend us. No Mercedes dealer in the country can match that.