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Alternator Failure in Mercedes-Benz

The alternator in your Mercedes-Benz is a vital part of your electrical system. It powers most of your vehicle’s electronic components, including the headlights, power windows, windshield wipers, heated seats, and even radio. It also continuously charges the battery. With many jobs to do at once, you can quickly face difficulty when the alternator goes wrong.


Here are some of the warning signs that indicate your alternator is failing:

Dim or Flickering Lights

The headlights on your Mercedes-Benz get their power from the battery and alternator. When your alternator malfunctions, your headlights won’t perform as they should. You may notice dimming or flickering beams.

Engine Starting Problems

Without a working alternator, your engine won’t run for very long. The spark plug needs the electrical energy to ignite the air and fuel mix. Plus, your battery may die from a failing alternator. As a result, you may notice engine starting problems.

Electrical Warning Light on Dashboard

If you notice a light that looks like a battery on your dashboard, it could mean any part in your electrical system is failing. It is important you have ALL components tested and inspected, not just the battery.

Unusual Sounds 

A bad alternator can make grinding and squealing noises. When you hear a weird noise coming from under the hood, it typically means trouble. It would be best to have a professional mechanic check it out.


Lastly, another red flag is when your electrical accessories start to malfunction. If the radio goes in and out or your windshield wipers won't turn on, you should look into having your alternator inspected.


If you’re looking for reliable alternator repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit Jeff’s Mercedes Auto Service.