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How and When to Use Your Mercedes-Benz's Emergency Brakes

For many new and inexperienced drivers, there may be confusion about how and when to use the emergency brake. The emergency brake (or parking brake, e-brake, handbrake) is a secondary brake measure that tends to be misused and underused. Today, we will set everything straight and lay out when and how to use the e-brake. 

First off, the parking brake is a backup measure that works completely separately from your service brakes. That is why most people know to use it when your service brakes fail unexpectedly. The emergency brake is very secure at holding your vehicle in place, which is why it should also be used on other occasions. 

When to Use the Emergency Brakes 

Because emergency brakes are named the way they are, people tend to only know to use them during emergencies. However, you should always be using your e-brakes. To be specific, you should engage these brakes whenever you park your vehicle. That is why some people call the emergency brakes - parking brakes now. Whether you are parked on a steep slope or on flat ground, you should remember to use this feature. It will keep your vehicle from slipping and relieve stress on transmission components.

How to Use the Emergency Brakes

Some e-brakes are designed as a hand level around the transmission lever or gear stick. If your car has this design, you can engage the e-brake by pulling. up on the handle. In other vehicles, it is designed as a foot pedal. For these, you will need to press the pedal down with your foot. that you pull upwards. However, most modern vehicles have compacted the design of the e-brake into a single button. To use this, you simply have to press it.

The moral of the story is -- you should always remember to use the parking brake every time you park your Mercedes-Benz. The emergency brake gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will be exactly where you left it. And it can protect your transmission parts over time. It is a great habit to get into to start off the new year. 

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