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Why Is My Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheel Locking Up?

A Mercedes-Benz is a hefty investment, and you expect it to steer seamlessly and easily. While these luxury vehicles are known to do so, their steering systems can wear down over time. One of the scariest situations you can be in while behind the wheel is having a locked-up steering wheel. While this problem is rare in newer models of Mercedes-Benz than older models, it can still occur to any of us.


A stiff steering wheel can be caused by any of the following:

  • Power steering system failure: The power steering pump makes up a huge portion of the steering system. Over time, this part is prone to get stuck or jammed with contaminants in between. If your Mercedes-Benz has a hydraulic steering system, another potential cause is low or dirty power steering fluid. If you suspect a leak with power steering fluid, please bring your car or SUV to Jeff’s Mercedes Auto Service for help. 
  • Suspension: In some cases, your steering wheel can stiffen up due to worn suspension parts or in the steering rack or column, a part connecting both systems. When you bring your car to Jeff’s Mercedes Auto Service, we’ll be sure to inspect this too.
  • Malfunctioning ignition: When the ignition system is down, you’re not able to have the engine up and running. If the system goes down while you’re on the road, it can cause your steering wheel to freeze.

If you ever have to face a scary situation like a hard-to-turn steering wheel, please be sure to pull over safely. You can put yourself and others at risk of an accident if you continue driving. Instead, please bring your car to the Mercedes-Benz experts at Jeff’s Mercedes Auto Service. Feel free to give our team a call or visit soon.