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How to Diagnose a Leak in Your Mercedes Benz By the Color of the Fluid

Leaking Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and performance. Though it may be perfect to the eye of its owners, all vehicles have their flaws and mishaps (including Mercedes-Benz). One of the most common repairs for Benz that we see at Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service is leakages. Like seeing blood on a human body, we tend to freak out when we see puddling near our vehicles. Certain types of fluid leaks can be more hazardous than others. Today, we will go over how you could determine what kind of fluid leak you have by examining the profile of the leak itself. Here is our fluid guide to determine what's leaking from your vehicle by the color of the fluid.

Red Fluid

A red-colored solution usually indicates you've got a leak in your transmission. This problem could stem from a faulty transmission seal or a hole in the line that supports the fluid between systems.

Orange Fluid

An orange leak can mean multiple things as well. If rust develops inside your radiator, it can produce an antifreeze leak or make its condensation appear orange. 

Yellow Fluid

A yellow fluid leak is typically a sign of a radiator coolant leak. A yellow leak can be the outcome of a loose hose clamp or cracked o-ring. You're more likely to have a radiator coolant leak if you utilize the wrong type of coolant.

Green Fluid

A green fluid leak usually means it's antifreeze. Again, this type of leak can come from various areas throughout your vehicle, including the radiator, water pump, or any hoses. 

Blue Fluid

If you've got blue fluid puddles close to the front of your car, it is likely windshield wiper fluid. The reservoir and tubes that carry your windshield wiper fluid can deteriorate from wear and tear. This type of leak is a simple fix most of the time.

Clear Fluid

Clear or transparent liquid seeping out from your vehicle is usually nothing pressing. Most of the time, it's just condensation from your A/C system. If you're worried about it, our expert team can check up on your A/C system.

Dark Brown Fluid

Depending on where the leak is found, dark brown fluid leaks could mean several things. It could be dirty engine oil since engine oil darkens over time. On the other hand, brake fluid is also sometimes a brown color. To be sure of what it may be, please look for professional guidance. 

Unless the fluid is crystal clear, you should never neglect any vehicle leaks. A leak could be a sign of worse things going on inside your beloved vehicle. Please take your Mercedes Benz to Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service at the first sign of any leaks. Your car will be in trusted hands, as we are a top-rated specialized Mercedes-Benz repair shop in our area.