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Is it Safe to Drive With the Engine Oil Warning Light On?

Engine Oil Warning Light

Low oil pressure or low oil level may cause the oil light to illuminate for a variety of reasons. If your oil light comes on when driving, the first thing you can do is pull the car forward and turn it off safely. The explanation for stopping the car is that if your engine runs out of gasoline, it will stop and will not be able to continue. If the vehicle comes to a halt while you are driving, it can trigger an accident. As a result, driving with an oil lamp light on can be extremely hazardous.

If your car's oil light has come on, here are some things to think about:

  • Check the oil level in the system after the vehicle has been stopped. The dipstick can be used for this. Remove the dipstick, clean it with a towel, and reinstall it in the car. If the dipstick is dry or has a small amount of oil on it, you can have an oil problem and should not drive.

  • Your oil light can also illuminate if your oil pressure is low. Low oil pressure indicates that the pump is not circulating enough oil, or that the device does not have enough oil to circulate the pump. Since oil is necessary to keep the surfaces lubricated, pull over and switch off the engine if the oil light comes on and the pressure is low. Contact our shop after you've turned off the car to check the oil pressure and repair any issues.

  • Driving with low oil pressure or too little oil in the system will fully destroy the vehicle's engine. If the oil light comes on when you're driving or the car is running, it's imperative to get your vehicle into our shop as soon as you can and to limit your driving. 

Driving with the oil lamp on will cause significant damage to your car's engine. Low oil pressure or low oil in your vehicle will cause the oil light to illuminate. The sooner the issue is inspected and repaired, the better off your engine and vehicle will be. 

Give our Mercedes-Benz repair shop a call today if you notice your engine oil warning light illuminate. We will be happy to help!