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L.A.'s ONLY "No B.S. Lifetime Warranty"

What's right is right. If we repair something on your car, it should stay fixed. So we warrant most repairs for as long as you own the car- period. If you lose the receipt, don't worry- we have it in our computer. We'll take care of it.

Here is the fine print. This warranty does not apply to wear and tear items or maintenance/drivability issues. So the brakes are on you if you wear them out. Dirty fluids and filters et cetera are not covered. Damage due to weather or accident is not included. Special ordered Mercedes-Benz parts have a limited warranty so we don't cover these parts beyond the factory warranty (12 months *) - but we will cover the labor. We don't cover legacy cars. That means cars more than 10 years old at the time of the repair. If there is any other exclusion, we will notify you BEFORE the repair. No B.S.

* for details on the Mercedes-Benz parts warranty please see: www.mbusa.com